Emmerdale’s Nick on the return of Jimmy’s son

Emmerdale‘s Nick Miles tells Soaplife all about the return of Jimmy’s young son, Elliot, and how the boy’s staying with Jimmy – whether Nicola likes it or not!

Kelly asked Jimmy to look after Elliot while she goes off for six months with her new man. How does Nicola take the new arrival?

“She’s predictably furious. As far as she’s concerned, ‘That Slapper’ – as she calls Kelly – is just trying to ruin her life. Selfishly, she only thinks of how it affects her. But there is a heart inside there somewhere and she realises this is only a little boy who needs love.”

Will Jimmy want to give Elliot back when Kelly returns?

“He would fight Kelly for custody if Nicola would let him. But then again, I don’t know if he’ll need to fight. Kelly is such a poor mother, she might never come back. I think Jimmy secretly hopes she won’t.”

Do you think this will affect Nicola and Jimmy’s relationship?

“I think kids are stressful in any relationship at the best of times but, yes, the situation threatens Nicola’s desire for control. Also, Jimmy never backs down about family – it’s about the only time he doesn’t. So yes, it causes quite serious friction between them.”

Would she ever make him choose: Elliot or her and Angel?

“Nicola knows Jimmy and knows if she did that she might well lose. And Nicola is not into losing anything.”