Emmerdale’s Nick: ‘You feel it like a real death’

Emmerdale‘s Nick Miles talks to Soaplife about Jimmy’s reaction to his brother Carl’s death… The anger, the guilt, the bitterness – and the shock Jimmy feels when Carl’s kids turns up for their father’s funeral.

When Jimmy arrived in Emmerdale he had three brothers and a dad, and one by one the Grim Reaper picked them all off. Now, after Carl’s murder, Jimmy is the last King standing, but is reeling from his loss. “Jimmy’s in the worst place he could possibly be right now,” says Nick. With the Kings’ death record, Soaplife can think of way worse places… In fact, Jimmy might want to run for his life!

Jimmy must be distraught over losing Carl…

“He’s feeling about as low as he’s ever felt. The last of his brothers is dead. Carl was the loosest cannon, the most unpredictable, but in many ways he was also the brother Jimmy was always closest to. He’s feeling very, very bad and wracked with guilt.”

Guilt? Because of the fight they had before Carl’s death?

“Carl had behaved appallingly towards Jimmy and his own little family – he kicked them all out on the street and was selling the business to Charity. And there was still this obsession with Chas. Jimmy was at his wits’ end with Carl – there was nothing left to do but smack him.”

Jimmy and Nicola are back in Mill Cottage so that’s one weight off his mind…

“Jimmy’s a mass of emotions and he’s confused. He doesn’t know who the house belongs to legally. It’s totally up in the air. Running parallel is the fact that Jimmy no longer wants anything to do with the business – he pretty much blames the business for everything.”

Then Carl’s kids arrive for the funeral…

“Jimmy doesn’t know where to start with Carl’s son and daughter, Thomas and Anya – he hasn’t examined his own feelings yet. They’ve changed and aren’t really the kids he expected to turn up.”

But Thomas confronts Jimmy and demands the truth. How does Jimmy cope?

“Not very well, but he can’t lie. There’s more than a touch of Carl in Thomas, who seems like his dad’s son in all the worst possible ways. This shocks Jimmy.”

Jimmy’s also struggling with writing a eulogy for Carl’s funeral…

“He can’t think of anything to put down. What can he say? He knows how bad his brother was. Is he supposed to turn up in church and lie?”

How do you feel, Nick, about losing your on-screen brother?

“Very odd. I shared a dressing room with Tom Lister [Carl] and every time I go into work now there’s a space that reminds me of the loss. It’s a funny thing in soap, but when a character dies you kind of feel it a bit like a real death.”

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