Emmerdale actress Nicola Wheeler has joked that she doesn’t deserve to win Villain Of The Year, as her character kept failing to kill her husband.

The Emmerdale star – shortlisted for the title at the British Soap Awards this weekend – plays Nicola De Souza, who plotted to murder husband Donald, but never succeeded.

Nicola said: “I think it’s great to be Villain Of The Year and I think the character deserved it having tried to murder her husband about seven times unsuccessfully, so maybe she should be up for Rubbish Villain Of The Year!”

In fact, it seems that Nicola is rooting for rival Jack P. Shepherd, who plays David Platt in Coronation Street, to win.

She said: “I’m quite backing the young lad who plays David Platt on that one, which I know I shouldn’t say because I’m in Emmerdale but I think he’s a true villain.”

And the 29-year-old actress also revealed that having the same name as her evil character causes problems when fans of the show spot her in real life.

She said: “People will shout Nicola and I have that five-second panic of going ‘Do I know them or are they actually calling the character?’ It’s not until the word b**** come out that I go ‘Ah! It’s the character you’re talking about’.

“Most people are lovely about it then revel in the fact that she’s a b****, and they are amused by it rather than treating me horribly for it.”