Emmerdale’s Nicola: ‘It’s on again with Jimmy!’

Emmerdale star Nicola Wheeler reveals to Soaplife how Nicola can’t resist the new macho Jimmy!

Nicola and Jimmy’s love-hate relationship swings back to love when Jimmy seduces her then gets all masterful, telling her to do as she’s told and move back in with him. “They’re not happy unless they’re rowing,’ says Nicola. “They love make-up sex.” And hopefully this time they make up it’ll be for good…

The divorce was back on! What happens?

“Nicola was starting to soften towards Jimmy but then she discovered he’d traced his son Elliot, which she wrongly interpreted as him trying to find Kelly. This is the main stumbling block. She was close to calling off the divorce, but then she tells Jimmy it’s back on.”

And Nicola sees Jimmy in the pub holding divorce celebrations…

“So she immediately makes a play for Nicky the vet. She thinks he’s a bit of all right, but she also wants to make Jimmy jealous. It works because Jimmy keeps looking at her – and she can’t stop looking at him.”

But then Sam tells Nicola there are kids hanging around Home Farm…

“She says she’ll check it out. Jimmy hears and follows her, worried she’s heading into danger. Nicola’s not grateful, though. They declare how much they dislike each other, but end up kissing! It’s always been like this. They fight then get passionate. The truth is Nicola never stopped loving Jimmy.”

And Nicola wakes up in bed with Jimmy?

“Yes and she’s flustered. She’s like, ‘What have I done?’ Jimmy thinks this means the divorce is off. But Nicola doesn’t – not immediately anyway. She’s scared of trusting Jimmy again and of the commitment involved. So many things have gone wrong between them that she wonders if they should call it a day.”

What changes her mind?

“Jimmy persuades her… or rather, he says: ‘Shut up and do as you’re told!’ He won’t take no for an answer. I think Nicola actually quite likes his macho side. But she says: ‘I’m not the doting little wife so don’t think I am’.”

Is Nicola still worried about Kelly coming between them?

“There’ll always be an element of that because of Elliot, but for the time being Nicola isn’t thinking about it. In her head she’s like: ‘We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it’.”

Is another baby on the cards?

“No! We don’t want another baby! We’re not putting that idea into the writers’ heads…”

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