Emmerdale’s Nicola: ‘Nicola’s tempted by slippery Steve’

Nicola Wheeler has revealed that her Emmerdale alter ego Nicola could see pound signs when Steve makes a move on her.

“Nicola is desperately in love with Jimmy and she also tells Steve there’s the small problem of Bernice,” Nicola tells TV Times. “But she is tempted. She’s like a magpie who likes the shiny things in life.”

Nicola rejects the advances when she realises how much she loves her family. “At that moment, she realises that she can’t do anything to hurt them, and decides to tell Steve it’s over,” says Nicola Wheeler.

But now Steve has set his eyes on the prize, he’s not going to give up so easily. And what price will Nicola have to pay to keep her secret safe…?