Emmerdale’s Nicola Wheeler: ‘They’re giddy when Nicola finds out she’s pregnant’

Nicola and Jimmy are thrilled when they learn she’s pregnant, but their happiness may not last, Emmerdale’s Nicola Wheeler reveals to Soaplife…

Jimmy’s vasectomy reversal has worked and his tender nether regions are about to earn a well-earned break when Nicola finds out she’s pregnant. “She’s delighted. Jimmy is, too. It’s unbelievable as they didn’t expect it to happen first time round,” says Nicola to Soaplife. But will their happiness last?

Why does Nicola want a baby now?
“The whole baby Carl thing set the wheels in motion. She realised Jimmy [Nick Miles] wanted to have another baby, so she’s very much doing it for him.”

When does she realise she’s pregnant?
“She gets drunk in the pub with Bernice [Samantha Giles]. They’re on a health kick, but Diane has a special on wine in The Woolpack and Kerry’s eating nachos, so they cave in and get hammered. Nicola starts singing A Fairytale in New York and embarrasses herself, but the next day she has the worst hangover ever. She realises the last time she felt like that was when she was pregnant with Angel.”

“She does about six pregnancy tests. Bernice is with her and they’re both giddy when she finds out she’s pregnant.”

But the doctor takes the shine of her news…
“Yes. She goes to the doctor to get confirmation, but she comes back and says she’s been told that, as an older mum, there are more risks and possible problems. She feels a bit down about it.”

How does Bernice cheer her up?
“She makes fake pregnancy bumps for her and Jimmy. Nicola finds it funny and thinks it’s very sweet of them both.”

Are you looking forward to wearing a pregnancy bump on set?
“Yes, because during the winter, we want bigger clothes so we can fit more thermals underneath. I’ll be a lot warmer on location in those early months!”

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