Emmerdale’s on hunk alert!

Emmerdale Adam Thomas is out to beat his Coronation Street actor brother to soap’s Sexiest Male award!

Your brother Ryan plays Jason in Coronation Street. Now you’re joining Emmerdale. Who do you play?

“I’m Adam, the son of the new Barton family that takes over Butler’s Farm from Andy Sugden.”

Why do the Barton family come to Emmerdale?

“The idea is they’re trading up farms… Adam’s dad John is very ambitious and he has big plans for Butler’s Farm.”

Is Adam happy to be a farmer’s son?

“Definitely. He looks up to his dad and wants to be just like him. School is not for Adam and he sees Butler’s as something he can really get involved in.”

What’s Adam like?

“He’s down-to-earth and has a good head on his shoulders. He’s a caring kind of guy who likes to be big brother to both his sisters, Hannah and Holly, even though Holly’s older than him.”

How did you get the part?

“I was invited for what I thought was just a normal audition. But when I got there I found out it was a screen test with Danny Miller who plays Aaron. It was in The Woolpack and there were a lot of cameras around so it felt like I was on set already!”

With Ryan in Corrie and you in the Dales will there be some friendly rivalry between you?

“Hopefully we’ll be up against each other for Sexiest Male at the British Soap Awards – that would be fun! Our mum’s over the moon having both her boys in soaps.”

We hear you’ve got a twin brother too…

“He’s more academic than me and really busy with university at the moment. But he’s keen to get into acting so he might turn up in Hollyoaks!”

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