Emmerdale’s Perdy wants her baby

Emmerdale’s Perdy might be missing – but she will stop at nothing to get her baby. Actress Georgia Slowe reveals her character’s evil plan…

Perdy’s done a disappearing act. Has she given up on the baby?

“No way. And she hasn’t gone for good… she’s just getting a bit of space.”

Space from Gray?

“Hmmm, I think she may still be in love with him. Certainly when they meet and are alone together there’s tenderness there. It’s only ever been other people who cause trouble between them.”

Does she want him back?

“Only if the baby’s part of the deal. Without the baby there’s no point.”

How does she feel about Gray and Katie getting together?

“She thinks it’s totally ridiculous. Gray and Katie have bonded over the baby but that’s all there is to it. It’s temporary. There’s so much about Gray that Katie doesn’t know.”

Supposing he actually marries her?

“Perdy would be shocked by his stupidity. But she’d also feel threatened – mainly because she knows if Gray and Katie are married they’ll have a stronger case to keep the baby.”

Is that why she goes to see a lawyer?

“She feels she has a very good case if it went to court – and she has. It’s Perdy’s egg not Katie’s that was fertilised with Gray’s sperm. Technically Katie’s an incubator – that’s all. This was the deal in the first place. Perdy is the baby’s biological mother – end of story.”

Gray finds out Perdy’s taking legal advice doesn’t he?

“It’s a lawyer friend of Gray’s she’s asked to represent her if they do end up in court. Richard, the lawyer, goes to see Gray and urges him to sort things out with Perdy because a court battle will be lengthy, high-profile and costly.”

So will he sort it?

“Richard gives him Perdy’s address so he can try.”

Would Perdy be able to cope as a single mother?

“Perdy is ready to bring the baby up alone if she has to. In an ideal world, Perdy and Gray would raise their child together but it doesn’t look like that could happen.”

If she gets custody would she let Gray have access?

“I don’t know about that. All kinds of skeletons will emerge from the cupboard if it goes to court. I doubt Perdy will feel kindly towards Gray after this – and vice versa.”

How far will she go to get her baby – would she snatch it if that’s the only way?

“She’ll do anything. This baby is her life and she’ll throw everything she’s got into getting him… and keeping him!”

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