Emmerdale’s Rik on Nikhil’s tricky love life

Emmerdale‘s Rik Makarem tells Soaplife that Nikhil finally realises he’s in love with Gennie! But has he left it too late?

Nikhil reacted as if he wouldn’t fancy Gennie if she were the last woman on Earth when she told him she loved him. But now she’s happily seeing Nicky, Nikhil is coming over all green-eyed monster and realises what he’s missing. “Suddenly all the things he has appreciated in Gennie come into sharp focus,” explains Rik. “Deep down he knows that Gennie is The One.” So just get on and tell her!

Why is Nikhil suddenly so into Gennie?

“It’s been brewing subconsciously for a while, but it’s Nicky’s interest in her that’s made it come to the fore. It makes Nikhil realise just what he’s missing. He 100 per cent regrets being so harsh on her when she told him she loved him.”

What does Nikhil think of Nicky?

“He’s easygoing, charismatic and very charming – the kind of guy Nikhil would love to hate even though he has no reason to. Nicky kind of makes Nikhil realise his own inadequacies.”

Why is he so obsessed with the way Nicky’s treating Gennie?

“Nikhil’s suspicious that Nicky’s not to be trusted because of his charm. Nikhil’s worried Nicky won’t appreciate Gennie and give her the love she deserves. It brings home to Nikhil that he should have appreciated Gennie before it was too late.”

Isn’t it also jealousy?

“Absolutely! But Nikhil also knows that deep down Gennie doesn’t love Nicky. The connection between Gennie and Nikhil is still really strong.”

Then Nikhil sees Nicky kiss a woman in a bar…

“Yes, and he’s suspicious and angry. He thinks Nicky’s betraying Gennie. He wants to discuss Nicky’s behaviour in front of Gennie to try to provoke Nicky into saying or doing something that gives him away.”

But Nikhil finds out the other woman is in fact Nicky’s sister-in-law…

“And he’s incredibly embarrassed! He’s really dropped himself in it. Nikhil tries to defend himself, but Gennie’s not impressed.”

So he punches Nicky in front of Gennie in The Woolpack! Why?

“He’s scared he’s lost something he desperately wants – Gennie – and reacts with aggression. He’s very passionate. Gennie screams at him to leave her and Nicky alone and he knows it’s over. He feels empty, sad, dead inside.”

So Nikhil is seriously in love with Gennie?

“He’s seriously, seriously in love with her – and not just because she’s with someone else. He truly believes Nicky cannot possibly love her the way he does.”