Emmerdale’s Rik promises happy ending

Emmerdale star Rik Makarem has promised comedy couple Nikhil Sharma and Gennie Walker will definitely have a happy ending.

Nikhil is set to dump Gennie because she is acting strangely and he thinks she is about to get in and end the relationship first, unaware that she is actually pregnant with his baby.

But despite happy endings being so rare in soaps, Rik told this week’s Inside Soap magazine: “I think there will definitely be a happy ending to this story – but it won’t be an easy road there!”

The actor revealed that once Nikhil finds out Gennie is pregnant, he proposes to her, but she is so furious at being dumped, she says no.

He said: “Nikhil is very methodical and believes that babies and marriage go hand in hand.

“He’s finally got the chance to have everything perfect. But when Gennie discovers he knows, she thinks he only wants to marry her because she’s pregnant, and refuses! He’s shot himself in the foot.”

But Rik revealed there is light at the end of the tunnel.

He said: “When Gennie finally says yes to him, the floodgates open. It’s a truly beautiful moment.”

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