Leyla sees Nikhil in a new light, Emmerdale’s Roxy Shahidi tells Soaplife… And she gets her son, Jacob, back – sort of…

Leyla’s love life has always been complicated – and it stays that way in 2016. She’s faking a relationship with Nikhil to wind up his brother, but real feelings start to creep in, reveals Roxy.

“She really wants a little family of her own. She had such a bad time with Jai, and she sees Nikhil is the opposite and she feels he could be right for her.”

But Leyla turns Nikhil (Rik Makarem) down initially. Why?

“She sees him as being a bit anal and strait-laced, with not much of a sense of humour.”

What makes her see him in a different light?

“Nikhil and Leyla are united in their concern for David [Matthew Wolfenden] and that brings out the best in them and they both see there’s more to the other than they first thought.”

What will Jai (Chris Bisson) make of their budding romance?

“It will be hard for him as it will be a big dent to his pride. However, right now, Jai’s priority is his child with Megan [Gaynor Faye] and I hope that will enable him to see beyond Nikhil and Leyla’s blossoming relationship.”

So she’s definitely over Jai?

“She’ll always have a weak spot for him, but it was more the idea she loved. She thought they’d move in together and have a little family. She’s finally realised Jai’s no good.”

Then her son Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) comes back to the village…

“He has a good relationship with David and Leyla and, as much as he loves Alicia [Natalie Anderson], moving abroad with her was too much of a change for him. He has friends and family connections in Emmerdale and he’s old enough to decide what works best for him.”

Is Leyla upset when he decides to live with David?

“Yes. She desperately wants to be a mum to him, but she realises he sees her as his cool Auntie Leyla and that’s how he loves her. She’ll always regret not being a mother to him, but she knows deep down that giving him up was the best thing she could have done for him at the time. Now he’s back, she would love to be a bit more involved.”

Emmerdale, ITV