Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley: Robert stands back as Lawrence is battered!

Emmerdale‘s Ryan Hawley tells Soaplife how Robert’s plan to sting Lawrence ends up with the older man taking a beating…

Wow! Robert Sugden really doesn’t like his father-in-law to be Lawrence, does he? That’s very clear when he stages a raid at Home Farm Estate and stands back and watches as Ross batters Lawrence with a baseball bat, leaving him unconscious. “Robert doesn’t like the way Lawrence shows him up in public and wants to teach him a lesson,” says Ryan. But has Robert gone too far this time?

How does Robert feel about being back in Emmerdale?
“He’s enjoying the fact that everybody can see that he has been a success and accomplished a lot in his time away – status is very important to him. Because of his past relationship with his dad, Jack, and adoptive brother Andy, Robert wanted to come back and prove he is better than everyone thought he was.”

What does Chrissie (Louise Marwood) make of Lawrence and Robert’s relationship?
“She can see that Lawrence is trying to wind Robert up, but she’s reluctant to take sides. What Robert wants is for Chrissie to side with him and see how horrible her dad is being.”

How does Robert plan to get one over on Lawrence (John Bowe)?
“Ross and Aaron steal Robert’s car, which is his pride and joy. He catches them and blackmails them into setting up a robbery in the big house.”

But it goes badly wrong, doesn’t it?
“Yes. Robert’s at Home Farm waiting for Aaron [Danny Miller] and Ross. He tells them what to do and orchestrates it all. Chrissie comes home and Robert panics, as Aaron and Ross are there wearing balaclavas. Then Lawrence comes home, too!”

And Ross (Michael Parr) batters him!
“The things that happen during the raid are bad and Robert’s to blame, but he always finds a reason to justify the things he does, no matter how despicable they are.”

Is he afraid that Chrissie might rumble him?
“He should be. She has her eagle eye out. She is certainly not daft.”

Is there a future for him and Chrissie?
“I am hopeful. Robert really does care about Chrissie. She is a very attractive, feisty woman and he’s genuinely in love with her.”

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