Samatha Giles explains to Soaplife how Bernice’s arresting blind date in Emmerdale turns out to be a crook who shows her a very bad time…

This is an online date that goes very wrong, isn’t it?

“Yes. Bernice is desperate to meet somebody and this is her last attempt to back in the dating game. Nicola registers her with an online dating site and gets a response from a bloke called Anton.”

What does Bernice think of Anton?

“She’s quite shocked by how gorgeous he is in his picture. He seems to tick all the boxes and she’s really excited that he wants to take her out.”

But he takes her for a ride…

“At first, he’s a real gentleman. Bernice can’t believe how lovely he is and takes him home. She doesn’t realise she’s in danger until he leaves her in a compromising position.”

You mean tied to the bed?

“Yes. Anton ties her up – then disappears.  She is in a terrible panic. She can’t move, so she is relieved when she hears Jimmy and Nicola come back.”

Then they all realise they’ve been robbed…

“By Anton. Bernice feels used and humiliated – and Nicola and Jimmy are furious. She has been stupid to do something like this with a stranger. It could have been far worse. Bernice ends up getting angry and is determined to get even with Anton the conman.”