Emmerdale’s Sammy: ‘Katie sleeps with Adam!’

Sammy Winward reveals to Soaplife how Katie hits back at lying, cheating Declan by doing some cheating of her own in Emmerdale… with Adam!

Does Katie get revenge because she’s jealous that Declan slept with Charity?
“No. This is the last straw. He’s lied too many times. Declan keeps telling Katie that this is just a tiff which they will get over, but Katie wants to prove to him that the marriage really is finished. She wants a divorce, she can’t wait to get rid of him.”

Why does she choose Adam to seduce?
“She fancies him. They get on well and there is a chemistry there. He is a good-looking guy plus he has this history with Declan [his affair with Declan’s ex-wife and his step-daughter], so he is perfect.”

So Declan catching her and Adam together isn’t an accident?
“Anything but. She calls Declan, telling him to drop by so they can ‘talk’ then deliberately sets it up so he will catch her with Adam. He says some awful things about Katie whoring herself and she flies at him. I go quite mad in those scenes, which were a lot of fun.”

Declan retaliates by telling her he’s going to evict Andy…
“And Katie is furious. Andy has taken her in because she has nowhere else to go. He’s her friend. He suggests that Katie gets back with Declan to make him change his mind.”

Does Katie try that?
Yes, she does. She puts on her best Oscar-winning performance to try and get him back, and she really thinks that it has worked.”

Then Katie gives Declan an ultimatum…
“She says that if there’s any chance for them, he must tell the police about the body on the glamping site, and he agrees to make the call. But he’s told too many lies…”


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