Emmerdale’s Sammy: ‘Of course Katie says yes!’

Emmerdale‘s Sammy Winward reveals to Soaplife how her plan to get rid of Robbie backfires, but does induce a marriage proposal from Declan!

Robbie’s really beginning to make life hell for Katie, isn’t he?

“Yes. He’s quite perky… The lingering looks, the lingering kisses on the cheek that go on too long. And he makes sly comments that they can be friends. He’s sleazy with her and it makes her feel uncomfortable, but it’s never in front of Declan or Megan.”

Why doesn’t she tell Declan what going on?

“Because Katie is the only one Robbie’s shown his true colours to. Also, she doesn’t want to make it difficult for Declan. I think he does know Robbie isn’t all he seems, but he feels guilty because he is the person who brought Robbie to the village. He feels he has to prove he did the right thing.”

So Katie exposes Robbie another way, doesn’t she?

“She decides to get proof of his duplicity by arranging to meet him at the stables where she can capture what happens on the CCTV. She thinks she’s got him when he moves in to kiss her, but he takes things a step further and attacks her.”

And Katie shows Declan the CCTV footage, but she ends up leaving? Why?

“Declan tells Robbie to go, but Megan says if Robbie goes then so does she. The way Katie sees it, Declan’s putting the festival and money before her and their relationship. He’s risking losing the one person who makes him happy and Katie just can’t understand that. She’s really upset, so she leaves.”

And then Declan proposes – again! Does Katie say yes this time?

“At first, it’s like he’s just joking to get her back to the house. But then he seriously says he wants to marry her and presents her with this beautiful diamond ring and of course she says yes! She loves sparklers.”

So will things get better for Kate with Robbie now she’s marrying Declan?

“No, I doubt they’ll make up any time soon. To be honest, I think Robbie and his treatment of Katie could cause a rift between her and Declan…”

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