Emmerdale’s Shaun Thomas: Gerry’s axeing was ‘upsetting’

The gormless teen was bumped off tonight by best mate, Lachlan

Emmerdale star Shaun Thomas, who plays village buffoon Gerry Roberts, has admitted that he found the decision to axe his character from the ITV soap “upsetting.”

Gerry was murdered in tonight’s second episode by Lachlan White, who was desperate to stop his pal spilling the beans that he caused the fatal car crash which claimed the lives of his mum, Chrissie, and granddad Lawrence.

Luring Gerry to the B&B on the pretence that he needed help moving some crates of Whingles Ginger Ale, Lachlan kicked a support post that was holding up the crumbling ceiling, causing it to collapse on top of his friend. When he realised Gerry was still alive, he then whacked poor Gerry over the head with a large brick.

The body of Gerry lies trapped

The body of Gerry lies trapped

Asked about his reaction to finding out that his character would be getting killed off, Shaun – who joined the show in January last year – told us: “It was quite a shock because I was only ever meant to come here for two episodes, with Lachlan in prison, and then I ended up staying here for a year and a half, so I got used to being around everybody and made a connection with everybody. And then to be told that that was going to come to an end, that was pretty upsetting.”

The 21 year old star admitted that filming Gerry’s demise amidst the rubble wasn’t easy.

‘Lying on that floor for three days was quite uncomfortable, so that alone was a challenge in itself. But working with Tom (Thomas Atkinson, who plays Lachlan) and the director and all of the guys, they were all just brilliant and they made it so comfortable and made it a lot easier for me to do my own thing.”

But, he said he enjoyed Gerry’s comical final lines, which included him urging Lachlan to save him, promising they could forget about the whole sorry saga and one day laugh about it “over a pint”.

“I think that’s typical Gerry isn’t it?” says Shaun. “Whatever situation he’s in, he always finds the chance to make someone laugh or smile.”

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