Sian Reese-Williams reveals to Soaplife how Gennie’s wedding day starts of well, but grinds to a halt because Brenda is a no-show in Emmerdale

Gennie and Nikhil are marrying quickly because they fear Brenda will die. But Brenda’s not happy about it, is she?

“No. Gennie kind of knew Brenda wouldn’t be best pleased, but she didn’t expect her to be so angry and refuse to go. Ultimately Brenda’s reaction makes Gennie angry and she thinks, ‘Actually this is my day and I want it the way I want it.’ To Gennie, it feels like Brenda is making the wedding all about her, too.”

What if Brenda won’t change her mind?

“Gennie insists that the wedding will go ahead with or without Brenda, although she suspects that Brenda will change her mind.”

But Brenda still hasn’t changed her mind by Gennie’s hen night…

“And Gennie’s very tearful. The girls try and turn it round, but Gennie can’t just forget about it so she ends up going home.”

Will Gennie go ahead with the wedding?

“She wants to marry Nikhil, but doesn’t know if she can do it without her mum being there. It’s a ‘Will they, won’t they?’ wedding, but with a mother-daughter dynamic.”

What are Gennie’s thoughts on the morning of her wedding day?

“Gennie’s still wondering if she’ll be able to go through with it and it’s very emotional. She goes and asks Bob to give her away in place of her mum. She’s hoping that if her mum knows the wedding’s going ahead without her, she’ll change her mind. But this doesn’t happen and Gennie can’t believe it.”

Will she marry Nikhil without her mum there?

“She makes it down the aisle and they start making their vows. Nikhil’s so excited, but when it’s time for Gennie to say hers, she just can’t do it. It’s so difficult for Gennie. Brenda is her only parent and she’s not there…”