Emmerdale’s Sian: ‘Gennie’s playing a dangerous game!’

Sian Reese-Williams reveals to Soaplife how Gennie’s suspicions of Cameron are the end of her in Emmerdale

Why is Gennie so sure that Cameron’s a wrong ‘un?
“She just has a gut feeling that he’s dangerous and she’s determined to protect her sister Chas. Then she sees a moment between Cameron and Debbie and is convinced they’re back on again.”

And is Chas grateful when Gennie tells her?
“No. Chas won’t listen. She assumes that Gennie is saying these things because she doesn’t like Cameron. Chas tells Gennie that if she has to choose between them, she will choose Cameron.”

Ooops. But Gennie doesn’t back off, does she?
“No – she gets quite desperate to prove she is right. In a bid to expose the affair, she tries to plant a recording device at Debbie’s but Cameron and Debbie come home while she’s there. Gennie ends up hiding upstairs…”

But she turns on her recorder…
“She thinks she’s going to get evidence of their affair, but she hears something she is not expecting and it’s a huge shock. Suddenly, she knows all those gut feelings she’s had about Cameron being all wrong are right.”

Does she get away?
“She gets out of the house but Cameron and Debbie spot her. She knows she has to get away from them both and gets in the car Rishi has just given her. But she hasn’t been driving long and Debbie and Cameron are right behind her. Gennie is tearing along a road and her mobile is ringing. It’s really tense.”

And then Gennie crashes…
“Yes. She loses control of the car and plunges down a ravine. I won’t tell you if she lives or dies, but it is a brilliant exit. I gave my notice in months in advance so that they had time to plan Gennie’s exit and I am delighted with what they came up with.”

Emmerdale continues weeknights on ITV.