Emmerdale‘s Sian Reese-Williams tells Soaplife that Gennie is crushed by Nikhil’s rejection when she tells him she loves him…

It all kicks off in Emmerdale when Chas admits she cheated on Nikhil with Carl. Furious, Gennie blurts out that she loves Nikhil. Chas is stunned but later encourages Gennie to tell Nikhil how she feels. So Gennie does – and it backfires horribly. “It couldn’t really go any worse,” Sian admits. But she still believes he’s the man for her…

What is it about Nikhil that Gennie finds so appealing?
“He’s sweet and gorgeous, not boring like everyone thinks and not the player he pretends to be. She sees the real Nikhil beneath all the bravado. He’s a bit of a geek just like she is. She hasn’t told him how she feels because he’s her boss, plus he’s going out with her sister.”

But then Gennie finds out Chas cheated on Nikhil with Carl…
“And she gets really angry. It’s not jealousy. She’s upset because Nikhil means so much to her and she doesn’t want him hurt. It’s because she loves him. And she just blurts that out. She also says horrible things to Chas – stuff she probably shouldn’t and really doesn’t mean. It’s not what you’d expect from Gennie. But she is a Dingle…”

Next day she blurts it out to Nikhil, too!
“She doesn’t intend to, but Chas has finished with him and he’s upset. He’s going on about how no one will ever love him and how it always goes wrong. Gennie just thinks it will make him feel better if she tells him how she feels…”

What does he say?
“That he could never fancy someone like her! She’s devastated.”

Will Gennie give up on Nikhil now?
“Well, I hope Gennie gets the chance to give Nikhil a taste of his own medicine. He’s bound to realise sooner or later she’s the girl for him and I’d like to see her in a position where she’s like, ‘Tough! I’m the one calling the shots now.'”

Do you think they’d make a good couple?
“I do. Gennie’s quite free and liberated and she sees the good in everything, whereas Nikhil’s quite uptight. They’re alike but different at the same time.”