Emmerdale’s Sian on Gennie’s baby blues

Emmerdale‘s Sian Reese Williams reveals to Soaplife that Gennie leaves a pregnant pause before she tells Nikhil she having his baby – and then gets a shock when she does

Gennie finds out she’s 18 weeks but hasn’t told Nikhil. Why?

“He’s always going on about how he doesn’t want children. I think she’s got a lot of questions that need answering about the relationship – where they’re at and whether there’s any future in it – before she can tell him anything.”

But Nikhil knows something’s up…

“He thinks it’s stress – and comments she has put on weight, which she deals with really badly. He’s noticed that there’s something going on but he definitely doesn’t put two and two together.”

Chas tells her she has to tell him. Does she?

“She tries to, but every time he does or says something that reinforces her feeling that he’s just not going to take it very well.”

Is there any way Nikhil could be happy about the baby?

“Well, after he does find out his reaction is a surprise to her – it’s not what she expects from him at all. There’s a bit of a rocky road ahead before they get to that point, like when after he finds out, which is really fun and we did some really nice scenes with that which hopefully people will enjoy.”