Emmerdale’s Sophie: ‘I spend all day crying!’

Emmerdale’s Sophie Powles tells Soaplife that Holly may be home, but her drug problem is far from over…

Why is Holly out on the street?

“John and Moira keep visiting the flat she’s living in with Dan and he’s had enough. As a serious drug dealer he knows it’s bound to put suspicion on him and he tells her to go.”

Does she head home for help?

“Actually, she’s more worried about where she’ll get drugs now than where she’ll live. She goes to the village because she’s off her head and can’t think where else to go.”

So she doesn’t go home?

“Not at first. Ashley and Doug find her in the graveyard and call John and Moira. They’re devastated to see the state she’s in. Holly has nowhere else to go, but home with them.”

Has she got any drugs on her?

“She’s run out and the next day she’s going through cold turkey and is in such a bad way her parents call the doctor. She tries to get the doctor to give her tranquilisers, sleeping pills, anything… This is the longest she’s been without drugs for weeks.”

The doctor says Holly can only be helped when she wants help. What makes Holly finally break down?

“Moira tells Holly to get out if she’s going to keep on using. She can’t deal with her mum, who she’s always been so close to, behaving like this. Holly admits she has a big problem and asks Moira to help her.”

But then she does a runner from the counselling session and gets more drugs. Does Moira find out?

“The whole family does. John catches Holly inhaling heroin in her bedroom. After that, they daren’t let Holly out of their sight.”

What turned Holly into an addict?

“I’ve learned through research that people from all walks of life become addicted – those who’ve had terrible childhoods and those, like Holly, who come from a good family. The only clue is that she has an addictive personality. Once she tried drugs, she couldn’t just take or leave them.”

How tough is this storyline?

“It’s fantastic as an actress to have such a big storyline, but it’s hard at times. When I get home after work I ask my boyfriend to make me laugh because I’ve been crying all day!”

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