Emmerdale’s Tom: ‘Carl and Chas are meant to be’

Emmerdale‘s Tom Lister reckons turbulent couple Carl King and Chas Dingle deserve to be together.

The pair’s wedding airs on Christmas Day, but little does Carl know his bride has been faking a pregnancy and plotting to jilt him at the altar for having an affair with minx Eve.

However, actor Tom says fans of the show are desperate for them to tie the knot anyway.

He said: “Carl certainly deserves to get what’s coming to him, but in the same breath they probably deserve to be together.

“Although they’re an absolute nightmare and it’s the most turbulent relationship there is, they just seem to work so well.

“And the public just seem to want them together. Although people have been slating me and saying they can’t wait for Chas to punch me in the face, in the same breath they say they hope it works out because they’re meant to be together. It’s funny how the audience just loves them as a couple.”

In recent weeks, viewers have seen Chas (Lucy Pargeter) start to thaw and realise she still has feelings for her cheating fiance.

But viewers have to wait and see whether she goes through with her revenge plot.