Emmerdale’s Tony: ‘It’s Bob’s most magical marriage!’

Emmerdale’s Tony Audenshaw tells Soaplife about the comedy of errors that lead up to Bob’s proposal to Brenda – and Brenda’s surprise wedding for Bob!

Why is Bob proposing to Brenda so soon?
“He wants to prove his feelings to her. To show her that he loves her with or without her hair – he loves the person underneath.”

Does he suspect Brenda has planned a secret wedding?
“He hasn’t got a clue. He wants to make his proposal the most romantic gesture he can come up with, but Dan keeps on trying to make him do it sooner, because he knows Brenda’s ceremony is planned for the same day.”

Tell Soaplife about Bob’s proposal in Emmerdale
“It’s one of those magical scenes that it’s a privilege to be part of. We were looking over the Dales, there is a picnic of Brenda’s favourite foods and then, over the hill, comes this brass band playing her favourite tunes.”

What happens after Brenda says ‘yes’?
‘Brenda has organised a helicopter. Bob, Brenda and Dan get in and are flown to the glamping site. Bob is shocked to see that his friends and family are gathered there. Brenda explains to Bob that they are getting married, but it is not a proper wedding, it’s a handfasting ceremony.’

Then Brenda proposes to Bob, doesn’t she?
“Yes. She says, “This must be weird, I’m proposing to you and wearing a funny wig” and he says “Lose the wig, you’re beautiful as you are” and she takes it off and people see her for the first time without hair. Bob accepts her proposal and they go through this fantastic ceremony where Gennie sings this beautiful song. It’s the best wedding he’s ever had!”

Will they live happily ever after?
“No, because Brenda’s tumour is inoperable and the treatment is only holding back the inevitable. No one knows how long they’ve got together…”