Emmerdale’s vamp: ‘John’s the perfect man to Eve’

Emmerdale’s Suzanne Shaw says Eve wants John… and the word is he’s going to want her back!

Eve kissed Ryan… Why doesn’t she stick with him instead of going after married John?

“Ryan was just a bit of fun and Eve’s way of getting back at Katie for being so off with her when she returned to the village. John’s different… Eve seems to go for older guys and to her John is the most perfect man.”

Doesn’t it matter to her that he’s happily married to Moira?

“Eve has a massive crush on him. They have quite a few things in common and she actually thinks he may be interested in her.”

And to make sure he is, she turns up to work at the farm scantily clad… Does it work?

“There’s no way she’s wearing those unflattering overalls. Adam’s distracted by her, but John’s thrown when she seductively suggests it’s him she’s more interested in…”

She ramps up the flirting when John accidentally crashes the Land Rover…

“Eve cheekily suggests he buy her lunch after they take the car to Cain. Then she suggests they walk back to Butler’s together.”

Does she notice any chemistry?

“There’s a lot of eye contact, but she reads more into this than he intends. Andy and Moira notice her flirting with John at The Woolpack and tease him about it.”

It’s more than teasing for Eve. How does she manage to have John catch her half-dressed?

“She’s showering off mud at the farm and John walks in as she’s pulling on her top. She notices he takes a sneaky look and flirts a little, which only encourages her.”

Does he actually fancy her back?

“For John it’s a bit of fun for now. He’s got troubles at home and it’s just his way of escaping. I don’t think he actually wants to act on it.”

How does Eve react when Moira subtly warns her to stay away?

“Moira follows Eve into The Woolpack toilets after she’s been flirting with John yet again and warns her off going after married men. Eve’s left wondering if she’s been told to back off.”

Does she take the hint or will it encourage her to step up her game to seduce John?

“I don’t think she’ll be, ‘Right. Now I’ll go all out to get him.’ Nor do I think it will stop her. Knowing Eve she’ll use the warning to her advantage and probably play the ‘Poor me, nasty Moira’ card with John!”

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