Emmerdale’s Verity Rushworth says Donna brings out her Taser while on the rob

Emmerdale’s Verity Rushworth tells Soaplife how dying Donna’s desire to provide for her daughter puts her and Ross in a very bad place.

What does a person do when told they have just weeks to live? Spend every waking hour with loved ones? Go on that dream holiday? Cram in as much laughter as possible? Not Donna Windsor-Dingle. She plans to commit a crime involving some very dangerous crooks. Unsurprisingly, it all goes wrong. “She and Ross are in danger,” Verity tells Soaplife. “The doors are locked and their hands are tied. If they don’t escape, they won’t come out of it alive…” Will crime kill Donna before cancer does?

So, what’s this dangerous job?
“Gary North, the crook that Donna and Ross [Michael Parr] robbed, has been to the cafe and spoken to April. He’s a massive threat and Donna wants him locked up. There are dodgy photos of him that he doesn’t want anyone to see and Donna wants to get them and use them for blackmail.”

And she tells Ross she’ll run away with him afterwards. Why?
“She knows that Ross wouldn’t do the job if he knew the truth. She’s completely in love with Ross. It’s heartbreaking as all Ross wants to do is look after her and April. It’s all Donna wants, but she can’t have it.”

Why hasn’t Donna told people she is dying?
“She wants her last weeks to be normal. She doesn’t want to be a victim and have people treat her differently, although it’s a relief that Marlon [Mark Charnock] knows.”

Going on the rob is hardly normal! How does it go wrong?
“They both go the nightclub, with Ross also dressed as a police officer, to get the incriminating photos. But Ross gives the game away and it becomes a hostage situation.  Donna’s threatened by two men and brings out her Taser…”

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