Emmerdale’s Wil: ‘Dom wants to slaughter Sean!’

Wil Johnson reveals to Soaplife how Dom reacts when he finds out his precious little girl is pregnant in Emmerdale! And he hints that Gemma’s not the only one with secrets…

So what does Dom do when Gemma confesses?
“He struggles to believe it. All he’s wanted to do is love, protect and nurture Gemma so she grows up the right way. He’s her only guardian and he feels he must have taken his eye off the ball. He thinks he’s completely let her down and this is the hardest thing for him to deal with.”

And how’s he going to deal with Sean, the baby’s dad?
“Dom wants to absolutely slaughter him! The way he sees it, Sean has violated his daughter and he ain’t going to see it any other way. Dom thinks Sean should be six feet under. He’s like an erupting volcano and it’s clear somebody’s head has to roll…”

Gemma wants a termination… Does Dom want that, too?
“He just wants Gemma to do what she ultimately believes is right for her. There’s a small amount of relief because if she does have a baby at such an early age, it will bring a whole new set of big problems. But then he doesn’t want Gemma to do anything she might later regret. So if she were to decide she wanted to have the child, he would stand by her.”
This complicates Dom’s relationship with Alicia. She’s worried Dom’s using her as a replacement mother figure for Gemma. Is he?
“I don’t think so… but subconsciously there is an element of that because Alicia’s a mum.”

Is Dom falling in love with Alicia?
“He likes her a lot and wants to make a real go of it with her.”

Does he realise just how deep Alicia’s feelings for David are?
“He knows she cares for David, but he isn’t aware how deeply. He has history of his own, too, with skeletons which will be revealed further down the line. There are things he might be holding back because of his past history.”

He’s not holding back when he asks Alicia to move in with him and Gemma!
“No – and she doesn’t react well. It is a bit sudden – and it looks a bit desperate!”


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