Emmerdale‘s Zoe Henry reveals to Soaplife how Rhona’s anger at Marlon’s court order keeping Leo in Emmerdale takes a very dramatic turn when she suggests to Paddy that they secretly take Leo and run off to New Zealand!

Did Rhona really think Marlon would be OK with her taking Leo to New Zealand?
“At first I think she did, especially as Marlon agreed to go with them. Now she feels wronged because Marlon has changed his mind… And she’s aiming all her hatred and anger at Laurel because Rhona thinks Laurel’s the reason Marlon wants to stay in Emmerdale.”

Doesn’t she think it’s important for Leo to have a relationship with his father?
“She thinks it’s very important, but she’s thinking, ‘It’s only two years. We can Skype, he can visit’. Rhona and Paddy have offered to pay for Marlon to visit three times a year, which is a lot.”

But not enough for Marlon. He goes to court and the court rules that Leo must stay in the UK for six weeks until another court hearing…
“And Rhona was convinced the court would rule in her favour. She gets a massive shock when that doesn’t happen. She has quite an old-fashioned view which is, ‘I’m the mother. I will get custody’. But that’s not a reality any more.”

So is this the end of Paddy and Rhona’s New Zealand adventure?
“It really could be. Paddy’s job package – the house and fabulous salary which will allow Rhona to stay home with Leo – is now or never. That’s why Rhona and Paddy are so extreme in the way they react.”

You mean Rhona’s suggestion to do a runner with Leo?
“Rhona and Paddy have become so set on their dream, they’re not thinking straight. Any common sense has left the building so Rhona’s a bit armed and dangerous at the moment…”

Is Rhona right to take Leo away from Marlon?
“No! I’m a mother of two and thankfully very happily married. But I have many friends who have split up and I know how ugly it can get and I would hate to have that done to me. It’s a truly tricky situation, but I don’t think she’s doing the right thing. I think she’s being awful.”