Emmerdale’s Zoe on Rhona’s Leap Year proposal!

Emmerdale‘s Zoe Henry reveals to Soaplife why Rhona feels the need to leap into a leap year proposal to Paddy – and very quickly wishes she hadn’t!

What makes Rhona suddenly decide she wants to propose to Paddy?

“She’s besotted with Paddy and a comment that Victoria makes gets her thinking. Rhona tells Victoria that Paddy’s a romantic and Victoria suggests she do something special for him. Rhona has this idea which comes from nowhere really. It doesn’t take her long to decide to do it. She does have a bit of a wobble beforehand and she does, ironically, speak to Marlon about it. Marlon reassures her and says of course Paddy will accept and that she must do it. That bolsters her and she thinks, ‘Yeah! I will do it’. She gets kind of swept up in the romance of it.”

How does it go?

“Well, they’re supposed to be meeting at the B&B for dinner, but Rhona gets caught up in back-to-back call-outs, then her phone runs out and she can’t let Paddy know. She’s not just a few minutes late, it’s more like an hour. By the time she gets there Paddy’s absolutely trollied. He’s downed a bottle of wine on his own and has started on his second. She turns up to apologise, says she’ll be five minutes while she gets changed and then all hell breaks loose. Paddy just lets rip.”

So she doesn’t propose, but Paddy finds out she was going to…

“Marlon tells him what Rhona had planned and Paddy comes back to apologise and he says, ‘If only I’d known…’ Rhona’s not happy. I think she feels even more humiliated because now she knows Paddy knows what she was planning.”

In fact she changes her mind about the whole marriage thing. Why?

“A bit of the romance has died because of the way Paddy was in the restaurant and she’s thought about the reality of it. She’s thinking that they’re OK as they are. She just suddenly goes, ‘I’m not meant to be married. My previous marriage didn’t work, let’s stay as we are.’ She feels quite strongly about this.”