Emmerdale‘s Zoe Henry warns Soaplife that Rhona fears it’s all over for her and Paddy…

Having three people in her relationship was never ideal for Rhona and now that baby makes four things are even worse. “I actually think Paddy is the love of Rhona’s life, but he’s not fulfilling any of the promises he made before the baby arrived,” Zoe tells Soaplife. But is walking out on him the answer?

Does Rhona realise Paddy feels like a spare part in his own home?
“She’s been so wrapped up with the baby she hasn’t noticed. It’s only when she realises Paddy’s deliberately avoiding her she knows something is very wrong. She doesn’t understand why and she’s hurt.”

And she’s leaning on Marlon…
“Marlon’s turned out to be a great dad and I think Rhona’s fallen in love with him in a platonic way. Not so much because he is Leo’s birth father, but because he’s kept his promise.”

What promise?
“When Rhona was in turmoil over whether to keep her baby, Paddy and Marlon both promised to support her all the way. Marlon has, but Paddy’s been rubbish.”

And while she’s leaning on Marlon, Paddy’s leaning on Chas…
“Yes and Rhona’s gutted. Deep down she knows nothing’s going on, but he’s with his ex while he could be supporting Rhona. She’s not usually jealous of Chas, but she’s just given birth and not at her best.”

We know that when Paddy does make an effort it goes wrong, doesn’t it?
“Yes. Marlon babysits while they go out, but when they’re at the pub Paddy gets called out. While he only gives Rhona a quick peck goodbye, he lingers at the bar talking to Chas. Rhona feels humiliated. She goes home and Marlon tells her she’s got to sort things out with Paddy.”

So she leaves and goes to stay with her mum!
“Well, she tries to talk to Paddy, but it turns into another row. He’s avoiding her, not comforting her and he missed Leo’s birth because he was with his ex. It’s hideous. She feels she and Paddy need time apart. He’s just not cutting it. If she didn’t have Marlon, what would she do? She’s worried this could be the end for her and Paddy.”