Ex-Emmerdale star Matt can’t escape soap past

Former Emmerdale star Matt Healy has revealed his screen alter-ego Matthew King is still a fixture in his life three years after he left the show.

Speaking to Inside Soap, the actor said, “Someone mentions Matthew at some point every day.I really don’t mind, as it means I must have been doing something right if they still want to talk to me about him.

“Emmerdale fans are very loyal – they’ll still come and see me in whatever I’m doing.”

Since leaving the show Matt has appeared alongside fellow Emmerdale star Christopher Villiers – who played Grayson Sinclair – in the play Inside Job, and is currently starring alongside Roxanne Pallett in another stage production, Satin n’Steel.

However he said he has no regrets about the character’s demise.

It was actually my idea,” he admitted. “I wanted to move on, and didn’t want to have the constant thought in the back of my mind that I could return. Also, I really thought they’d done everything they could with him.

“Once the idea of the Kings going bankrupt was brought up, I knew that was it for Matthew. There is no way he could ever have coped with being poor!”

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