And two younger actors play Faith and Cain as they used to be in a trip down memory lane, Sally Dexter tells Soaplife

Cain Dingle hates his mum but has Faith found a way to change that?

What’s the story?

If you’ve ever wondered why Cain Dingle is always snarling at his mum Faith, then all will be answered when they take a trip back in time. Faith drives Cain to his old childhood home where painful memories flood back for the pair of them. “Cain and Faith are trying to sort things,” actress Sally Dexter told Soaplife. “They have an opportunity to show each other that they care.” Will Faith’s ruse work or will Cain continue with his hate campaign?

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Sally Dexter reveals all to Soaplife about Faith Dingle…

Soaplife: What happens get between Cain and Faith?

 Sally Dexter: “They go back to where he grew up. It was fascinating as the house they used was in quite a good state and they had to work hard to make it look like a Dingle homestead. They have cast younger actors to play Faith and Cain as they used to be.”

S: What will we learn from this?

 SD: “They show each other that they loved each other. She would fight tigers for him and this is the first time you see an inkling of that. I haven’t seen the footage, but I have heard fabulous reports about it.”

S: Aside from Cain, there’s her tangled love life…Why does she chuck Rodney?

SD: “She has more of a genuine interest in Pollard now – she actually thinks there is a friendship at the very least that could go a lot further. She and Rodney have both been around the block. She has been there and got the T-shirt.”

S: What does she think Eric feels for her?

SD: “I don’t think she realises the strength of his feelings, but she certainly gleans that he is interested in her and it is the sort of attention she hasn’t had in a while.”

S: How does Eric react when she dumps Rodney?

SD: “He is extremely pleased, they do become a lot closer and there is even a peck of a stolen kiss, which is thrilling for both of them.”

S: But how does she feel when he refuses to go public with their relationship?

SD: “She wonders if he is playing hard to get. The first thing she thinks is that he is put off by her mastectomy and so she has doubts about exactly what his feelings for her are.”

S: What would she think if she found out about his part in the golf course plans?

SD: “She’d be absolutely appalled, fuming! The whole reason she has come back in the first place is because she wants to be with her family and if he has done this terrible thing to her beloved Dingle clan, I am not so sure she would forgive him.”

 S: Do you like them together?

SD: “I am rooting for them in a way, they are good company for one another, they have a lot of fun, I don’t know if it was really Faith’s idea to have a full blown romance as she probably doesn’t feel that is possible, but in the meantime Pollard is the answer to her prayers, he is fun and has the quirkiness that she enjoys.”