Fans lavish superlatives on ‘heartbreaking’ Faith Dingle cancer storyline in Emmerdale

Faith Dingle's revelation on Wednesday that she had undergone a double mastectomy earned plaudits from Emmerdale fans

Emmerdale viewers have praised the ITV soap for portraying Faith Dingle ’s story as it was revealed the character had undergone major breast cancer surgery.

In an emotional episode on Wednesday, Faith, played by Sally Dexter, held back from a reconciliatory hug with estranged daughter Chas following a heated row.

It later became clear, as Faith removed her bra in front of the mirror and looked at her scars, that she had been preventing Lucy Pargeter’s character from noticing that she had had a double mastectomy.

Fans took to Twitter to share their support for the brave storytelling.

In a report by the Radio Times, Sally said: “I’m delighted we’re covering this issue.

“There are so many people dealing with this situation and they are not alone – they need not be ashamed, more and more women live and thrive with this condition.”

As the episode ended, Faith held her head high, appearing determined not to let her medical history ruin the rest of her life.

“It certainly shows a more serious side to Faith, but she’ll always be a lot of fun,” she added. “She doesn’t do self pity, she believes life is worth living – especially because she nearly lost it.”