Faye’s back for revenge!

Emmerdale actress Kim Thomson warns Faye won’t let Mark turn his back on their son Ryan!

Faye takes the cash the Wyldes gave her and moves into the village… Wasn’t she supposed to take it and leave?

“They thought she’d accepted their cash to get out of their lives. But in fact the cash has allowed her to do exactly the opposite.”

So, the money’s given her freedom?

“Yes, now she can afford to live where she wants – and Ryan doesn’t have to join the Army.”

Is she trying to get revenge on Mark for robbing her of a husband and Ryan of a father?

“It’s a lot because of Ryan that she’s staying in the village. He’s Mark’s son and Faye feels Mark should acknowledge him as such, that he owes it to Ryan.”

What’s Mark’s reaction to finding out his real wife and son are now his neighbours?

“He’s horrified. Faye wants Mark to realise she won’t be ignored. She’s not looking for a scene but when he angrily confronts her, she hits back. She tells Mark he’s ruined her life so now she’s ruining his. She’s lashing out in anger and you can’t blame her – they were married, they still are and they have a son.”

How far is she willing to go?

“Mark seems to want to pretend she and Ryan never existed. Faye will do whatever it takes to make Mark do the right thing by Ryan.”

Cain Dingle’s fascinated by what’s going on. How much does he know?

“Cain knows Faye isn’t just Mark’s lover, that there’s far more going on. Mark warns Faye about Cain which immediately intrigues her.”

Could Faye end up being Cain’s new lover?

“There could be an attraction between them but I think she’s smart enough not to get carried away. After what happened with Mark, I don’t think she’ll ever trust a man again.”

Wouldn’t it be better if Faye were to tell Ryan that Mark is his dad?

“She’s not sure how to approach it. Ideally it would have been revealed naturally but Mark and Natasha made sure that didn’t happen. In some ways Faye’s backed herself into a corner. She wants Mark to accept Ryan but it will be terribly painful for Ryan to now find out that his dad wanted nothing to do with him.”

With it looking like the truth’s about to come out, is Faye hoping they’ll be a family again?

“I think there’ll always be a flicker of that. Because Mark – or Daniel as she knew him – disappeared, she didn’t know if he was alive or dead and wasn’t able to move on.”

So, she’s still in love with him?

“Her love kind of froze in time and so in spite of everything it’s still there…”

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