Emmerdale’s Kim Thomson believes Faye’s dream is about to come true when Mark leaves Natasha… but is it?

Mark’s told Faye she’s the one he wants. So why doesn’t he leave Natasha?
“He’s about to but then his son Will has a fit and nearly dies and Mark feels guilty because he was with Faye at the time. Faye can see he’s torn and tells him maybe now is not the right time. She suggests they let everyone have as peaceful a Christmas as possible… then do the deed in the New Year.”

Could it be there’s actually a part of Faye that’s not sure she wants Mark?
“The reality of them being together may not be all she’s dreamed it will be. But she’s not thinking this way at the moment. She’s still imagining their new life together will be everything she’s fantasised about.”

Does she feel guilty about what they’re doing to Natasha?
“Why should she? Natasha’s been vile to Faye. When she found out who Faye was she showed her no sympathy at all. But Faye does realise the massive repercussions of Mark leaving Natasha for her.”

Like all the kids finding out the truth – especially Ryan?
“Learning that Mark is his dad will be a huge shock for her son. She really believes Ryan will be okay once he gets used to it but she isn’t naïve enough to think it will be easy.”

Do you think Mark really deserves Faye?”
“I find it hard to separate myself from Faye so I want what she wants. But if I could be more objective I’d probably say no.”

With the rumours that Mark might die, could Faye have a vengeful hidden agenda to getting him back?
“You mean for him abandoning her? At this point I don’t think so but being trustworthy isn’t exactly one of Mark’s strengths…”

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