Emmerdale‘s Suzanne Shaw tells Soaplife that Eve’s the one who’s going to get hurt for cheating with Carl…

We all LOVE a love triangle – and the Eve/Carl/Chas one is a soap classic. The chemistry between Eve and Carl is sizzling, but what makes their affair so hot is that Eve’s now mates with Chas. Soaplife talked to Suzanne about the future for dirty flirty Eve…

Does Eve feel at all guilty for trying to steal her mate’s man?
“Yes and no. Eve’s dangerous where men are concerned. Her way to make herself feel better is to go out after men. Flirting is like breathing to her. She’s attracted to Carl and all the stop/start to them getting together has made it even more exciting.”

But she doesn’t like seeing Carl with Chas, does she?
“No. Eve can’t handle it whenever she sees Carl and Chas together. On the one hand she’s jealous because she wants to be with Carl, but it also reminds her that Carl is with Chas. If Chas hadn’t become a friend then Eve wouldn’t have a conscience about it.”

Chas won’t be a friend much longer if and when she finds out, though, will she?
“No! Eve may have bitten off more than she can chew this time. There’ll be blood spilt if Chas finds out. If anyone’s going to absolutely kick the living daylights out of you it’s Chas.”

And yet the affair goes on. We want to know if Eve is seriously falling for Carl…
“As time goes on Eve realises there definitely is something between them. And she’s not prepared to be Carl’s bit on the side. Either he wants to be with her or he doesn’t.”

The arrival of her divorce papers seems to make Eve take a hard look at her life…
“Yes – she even admits to Edna that she’s seeing another woman’s man! And, surprisingly, Edna gives her a shoulder to cry on.”

Then Eve says she’s leaving Emmerdale. Has she given up on Carl?
“Well, Eve decides she needs some space. So she tells Carl she’s going to France for a while.”

But does that mean their affair will be all over when she gets back.
“This affair’s a slow burner and I’m loving it. Eve’s the trashier side of sexy, which means I’m wearing lots of short skirts and low-cut tops. But there’s a softer side to Eve and we’ll see her really struggling with her conscience.”

Forget her conscience… It’s that fight with Chas she really wants to worry about.