Gaynor Faye hoping to avoid Emmerdale death

Emmerdale actress Gaynor Faye has said she is taking every possible precaution to try and prevent her character Megan Macey from being the one who is killed off in the live episode.

The 40th anniversary show, which will be screened on October 17, will include the character death as well as two births and two weddings – but details of the unlucky character have been kept secret from everybody including cast members.

And Gaynor admitted she had already been trying to keep her character safe, saying “I do reiki, and I’ve already done some reiki symbols on the script just to protect myself and the show.”

But while the identity of the victim remains secret, the show’s executive producer John Whiston has hinted, “All I want to say about this particular death is that the writers felt that the character had it coming from the soap gods.”

Elsewhere, nerves are continuing to run high over the forthcoming live show.

Lucy Pargeter – whose alter ego Chas Dingle will be among those tying the knot in Wednesday’s show – said, “I’m starting to have anxiety dreams about it already, where everything goes wrong. But if it does, we’ve given it a go, and we’re all in it together. Some people will be watching it to see if we go wrong anyway, so at least we’ll have entertained a few people!”

Meanwhile Sian Reese-Williams, whose character Gennie will also be getting married, said she was looking forward to the episode.

“I really wanted to be part of the live episode because I miss being on stage a lot, and I thought that maybe I’d have one line and be thankful for it, but I’m pleased that we’ve got a big chunk to do, and a nice one too – Gennie and Nikhil are like the light relief to the drama,” she said.

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