Gaynor Faye: ‘Robbie tells Megan to stay clear’

Emmerdale‘s Gaynor Faye reveals to Soaplife just how unhappy the reunion is when Megan finally meets her son, Robbie…

When Megan finally comes face to face with Robbie, the son she gave up for adoption 20 years ago, it goes as badly as she always feared. “As much as Megan would love her son to come running up to her, saying ‘Mummy, I love you!’, it doesn’t happen. Robbie’s as damaged as Megan is,” says Gaynor. In fact, he says he never wants to see her again. But he will…

How much does Megan know about Robbie?

“Not much at all. She ignored the letter he sent a few years ago. She realised all the skeletons would come tumbling out of the cupboard if she responded to it. She couldn’t deal with it and the fact she rejected him for a second time plays heavily on her mind. She’s not very good with her emotions – especially regarding something as huge as a long-lost son. She preferred to keep a lid on it.”

Declan persuades her to visit Robbie. What happens?

“They sit outside his place in the car and Megan spots Robbie – she recognises him from the picture in the files from Declan’s private investigator. The reality of the situation hits her and she panics and asks Declan to drive off. The shock of seeing Robbie in the flesh is too great.”

But she goes back alone…

“It’s very Megan to do this on her own – at her own pace, in her own time. She hears Katie and Declan talking, saying this is the best time for Megan to contact Robbie because his adopted parents are no longer around. This hits home so she goes to his house and posts a letter with her details through the door – the ball is then in Robbie’s court.”

Does Robbie reply?

“More than that – he turns up at Home Farm. Megan’s shocked. It’s not the long-lost, falling-into-each-other’s-arms you might hope for from a mother and son who’ve never known each other.”

Robbie asks about his dad, doesn’t he?

“Megan lies that his dad is dead and refuses to give Robbie his name. He’s annoyed and says she isn’t his mum, never has been and never will be. He tells her to stay away from him. He never wants to see her again. Megan’s choked.”

But this can’t be the end of it for Megan and Robbie…

“Well, Declan’s a very meddling brother and he refuses to leave it. He knows they’re two people who are very sore and vulnerable. Much to Megan’s annoyance, Declan gets stuck in and this isn’t the last you’ll see of Robbie.”