Rosemary’s alive, but
Emmerdale star Christopher Villiers
reveals that Gray is still going
to frame Matthew for
her murder!

Gray discovers his mum
isn’t dead. Where is she?

“Grayson hires a private detective and finds out Rosemary’s alive and well and living in Miami! The detective also tells him Rosemary’s faked her own death to frame Matthew for her murder.”

Gray must be pleased…
“Actually he’s not. Although he hates Matthew his conscience won’t let him stand by and watch Matthew being charged with Rosemary’s murder when he didn’t do it.”

Until he discovers Perdy’s having
an affair with Matthew! How does
he find out?

“He goes up to Home Farm to tell Matthew he’s off the hook for Rosemary’s murder – and unknown to them he sees them together. He hears Perdy say, ‘I love you Matthew. We’ll be so happy together – you, me and the baby…'”

What does he do?
“For a start he changes his mind about not framing Matthew for murder. He’s furious and he intends to screw him into the ground! And he feels incredibly betrayed by Perdy.”

Erm… Is that fair? After
all Gray’s cheated on
her lots of times.

“Perdy’s always known Gray occasionally has flings with men. But she should also remember Gray threw his mother out for her sake and organised the surrogate pregnancy so Perdy can have a child, which is the one thing she’s always wanted. And all the while she’s planning to leave him for Matthew!”

So what’s his plan to get Matthew?
“He plants evidence in Matthew’s car – a button from one of Rosemary’s cardigans – then he waits for the police to find it. The police already suspect Matthew may have had something to do with Rosemary’s disappearance and on the strength of Gray’s ‘evidence’ they arrest Matthew on suspicion of murder.”

Is it just revenge on Matthew or does
Gray still want Perdy?

“He’s hoping if Matthew gets put away for Rosemary’s ‘murder’ there’s a chance he and Perdy can somehow get back to normal. Right now he still loves her.”

Does Gray know surrogate mum
Katie’s fallen for him?

“Not really. He’s very fond of Katie and is
very protective about her because she’s carrying their baby. But he doesn’t see her in that way at the moment. That could well change though…”

What will happen to Katie
and the baby if Gray and
Perdy do split?

“Gray’s a man of the law. He’ll make damned sure the baby stays with him!”