Hell’s Kitchen Adele is a horrible cook, says mum

Hell’s Kitchen star Adele Silva may be proving she’s a dab hand in the kitchen on the ITV1 show, but her mum says she’s a horrible cook.

Sophie Silva told Closer magazine: “She’s hopeless at cooking. She can’t even boil and egg.

“When she’s home with me I do the cooking, and when she’s in Leeds filming she either eats out or relies on Marks and Spencer’s.”

Sophie, 57, freely admits the Emmerdale star doesn’t cut the mustard in the kitchen. And she hopes Adele has learnt a few cooking skills from the show. She is so bad at cooking says her mum, even the Hell’s Kitchen production crew couldn’t face her food.

“The crew came to our house and Adele had to prepare a meal for them,” reveals Sophie. “She made a Nicoise salad, but it was so bad they refused to eat it.”

Sophie was terrified Adele would lose a finger in the kitchen, saying: “I’ve worried about her. She’s never spent long in the kitchen, let alone used knives.”

Adele is single after splitting with boyfriend Anthony Costa, 26. “The break-up was mainly caused by the long distance,” says her mum. “Adele hasn’t brought any boyfriends home since the split – she’s too busy and quite happy being single.”

Sophie still thinks Adele needs to learn how to cook if she’s ever going to be a good mother. “If she has children she’ll have to be able to feed them.”

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