He’s new, he’s cute and his name is Jai…

Emmerdale Chris Bisson reveals new boy Jai is going to stir the village up…

What brings Jai and his brother Nikhil and sister Priya to Emmerdale?

“They’re the new owners of Holdgate Farm and they’ve also bought Pollard’s works next door which they’re going to turn into a sweet factory.”

Have they worked together before?

“Previously Jai was involved with mobile phones and made a fortune from it. Nikhil’s been running the family business but he, Jai and Priya have now joined forces. Nikhil’s the eldest and he feels Jai’s invading his territory a bit.”

So there’s a power struggle going on?

“They clash quite a bit as they’re very different people. Jai, for instance, doesn’t mind if the workforce nick a few sweets, but Nikhil bans freebies.”

Priya causes a stir when she arrives…

“She does a striptease on Ashley’s car as a drunken dare! Jai’s very protective of Priya and she can wind him round her little finger. Jai’s cool with it if she comes into work late because she has a hangover but Nikhil doesn’t approve.”

What’s Jai like?

“He’s a really nice bloke. He’s charming and witty and I think he’s going to be very popular. He’s also free and single and a natural flirt.”

Does he flirt with anyone in particular?

“He chats up Nicola which doesn’t go down well with Jimmy. He also likes the look of Leyla until she reveals she’s spoken for. I wouldn’t say he’s a player, though, as he doesn’t go after a woman once he knows she’s already spoken for.”

Other than Jimmy, is he likely to clash with any other village men?

“A run-in with Cain isn’t beyond the realms of possibility…”

Why’s that?

“Jai takes on Faye as PA. He chats her up and they go on a date. But don’t ask me what happens next… even I haven’t seen the scripts yet!”

We remember you as Vik in Corrie. Are you enjoying being back in soap?

“Loving it! I like knowing where I’m going to be every day. I’m contracted for a year, but hopefully I’ll be around for longer…”

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