‘I don’t think Lisa can ever forgive Zak,’ says Emmerdale’s Jane Cox

The truth about Zak and Joanie has devastated Lisa, Emmerdale actress Jane Cox tells Soaplife…

How was Lisa feeling in the run up to Christmas?
“She was really excited because Belle [Eden Taylor-Draper] turned 17 and she’s been working on a car for her with Cain (Jeff Hordley] as a birthday present. Lots of the family were coming for Christmas lunch and she had Joanie [Denise Black] to help her with the sprouts, so things couldn’t be better.”

How did she feel about the state of her marriage?
“Everything was fine and as it always had been. She would never suspect Zak [Steve Halliwell]  of anything because they are perfectly happy. They have been through such a lot together and are a strong unit – or so Lisa thought. “

So she had no suspicion that something was going on with Zak and Joanie?
“Lisa was totally oblivious to what was going on. Joanie was her mate. Now she knows the truth, she’s devastated.”

Belle knew, though…
Yes – that’s how it all came out on Christmas Day, just as everyone was settling down to their dinner. Belle was making digs about Joanie and Zak and then she just came right and asked why they were sleeping together.”

Why would Zak cheat on Lisa?
“I don’t know. It is huge, but these things happen. You read of people in their seventies who suddenly aren’t with each other any more. It is a very human story.”

Can Lisa ever forgive Zak?
“I don’t think so. There might be a chance for them in the future, but there might not. Right now she’s thrown him out and is very angry.”

Emmerdale, ITV.


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