Emmerdale James Hooton reckons a broken heart is more dramatic for Sam. But he warns poor Sam won’t see it that way…

We could see heartbreak coming a mile off for Sam over Olena. Hasn’t he noticed the chemistry between her and Eli?

“Sam’s an innocent and because Olena hasn’t come out and told him plainly that she only wants a platonic relationship he presumes she feels the same way he does. He has sussed there’s something between her and Eli, though, and he doesn’t like it. He’s doing all he can to keep them apart.”

Is it jealousy that makes him propose?

“No. Sam figures marriage will solve their problems. Olena will legally be able to stay in the UK as his wife and she can bring her little boy over from the Ukraine. They’ll be a happy little family. But it’s not just for practical reasons. Sam loves Olena and tells her so when he proposes.”

And she turns him down. Does she admit she doesn’t love him?

“She says she can’t marry him because she doesn’t have any papers or a passport and she‘d be deported. She’s trying to let him down gently, but it would be kinder if she would just tell him she doesn’t love him.”

So does he still think she loves him?

“Absolutely. He thinks if he can get Olena a fake passport she’ll have no reason not to marry him. So he asks Cain to source a fake passport. Sam’s convinced once he presents Olena with the fake papers she’ll fall into his arms and agree to marry him.”

Would his love turn to hate if he finds out it’s Eli’s arms Olena wants to fall into?

“Sam’s not usually a vengeful, vindictive person… but being spurned in love makes you do funny things. He’d feel deeply betrayed and I think he’d want revenge on both Olena and Eli.”

Soaplife would love to see Sam find love and a new wife. Would you like that too?

“I think we all want to find that special someone, don’t we? But dramatically it’s much more interesting for Sam to have problems with romance and developing relationships. I think there’s also far more that could be done with Sam as a single parent to Samson.”