Emmerdale’s Jason Merrells tells Soaplife that Charity lies will catch up with her… But will it be before she destroys Declan?

Isn’t it always the way with soaps? Just as Charity realises she really loves Declan, and tells him, Megan becomes more determined than ever to convince Declan that Charity aborted their baby. “Declan is full of doubts,” Jason tells Soaplife. “He keeps finding things out that tell him he’s a fool – but he doesn’t want to believe Megan. Eventually, though, the weight of evidence against Charity changes his mind and he tells Charity to come with him to the abortion clinic to prove it wasn’t her…”

And Charity (Emma Atkins) does what?

“She tells Declan it was Debbie who had the abortion – and he believes her. He is face to face with her, starting to doubt her story, when she says, ‘It was Debbie’. It’s a relief for him to hear that.”

Does Declan wonder why Megan (Gaynor Faye) is trying so hard to bring Charity down?

“He thinks that Megan is going wild with jealousy and for Declan everything hinges on Charity telling the truth. He has based his whole recovery from being depressed and suicidal on his love and trust in this woman and if that’s a lie, he will fall apart.”

And some of it is a lie…

“Declan doesn’t know what’s going on, though.  He keeps discovering things that tell him, ‘Charity’s been lying to you’, but she is very good at telling lies and he desperately wants to believe her.”

Is Charity going to get her comeuppance?

“That’s what everybody is asking me at the moment. Whether he works it out and what he does about it, that’s a bit of a secret. All those questions will be answered, but perhaps not in the way you expect. There are some very good twists and turns to come, which were challenging to film. At times, it has been like making a movie.”

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