Emmerdale‘s Charley Webb reveals to Soaplife why Debbie has become a real hard nut that even Cain can’t crack!

What’s made Debbie so hard so suddenly?

“Everything that’s happened. Her daughter nearly died, then Chas and Cameron shafted her. All that heartache has made her decide to toughen up and now she just wants to focus on making lots of money and taking care of her kids.”

But Dom doesn’t think she’s tough enough to deal with pill-pusher Pete, does he?

“No. But Pete talks about them making £20,000 a month from drugs and it’s all about money for Debbie. It’s about making a better life for her kids. She doesn’t really know what she’s doing, though. She’s gone a bit AWOL in her head.”

Cain tries to warn Pete off, but he fails. That’s how tough Pete is! And he sends his own warning – flowers to Sarah…

“Debbie’s furious with Cain for beating up Pete and jeopardising her money. As for the flowers, she’s just angry about that. She isn’t frightened of Pete – she’s probably more frightened about what she might have to do to put an end to it.”

And what Debbie does do is a secret. Any clues?

“Well, she arranges to meet Pete on a deserted country road. He wants her to get in his car but she refuses. She’s very strong minded and isn’t scared. It’s going to be quite an episode!”

Isn’t she even worried about what will happen to Sarah and baby Jack if she ends up in jail?

“She doesn’t think that’ll happen for a second. She thinks she’ll get away with it. Debbie’s certainly not to be messed with at the moment.”