INTERVIEW: Emmerdale’s Sammy Winward

Emmerdale‘s Sammy Winward shares with Soaplife how Katie deals with not be able to have the baby she wants – by leaving Declan!

It should have been a dream match… Emmerdale’s most gorgeous woman and the good-looking lord of the Home Farm manor. But nothing’s gone right for Katie and Declan since their wedding and Katie turning to Andy for comfort is widening the cracks in their marriage. “Katie feels Declan’s being selfish and not thinking about her feelings,” Sammy tells Soaplife. Unlike Andy…

Katie’s feeling devastated because she can’t have another baby, isn’t she?

“She is. She’s only lost one of her ovaries but in her head it’s like it’s definite. She’s been a surrogate for someone else, had a miscarriage and now this. It feels like she’s destined never to have a child of her own.”

Which is why she can’t face being godmother to Gennie’s baby Molly…

“She thinks she can handle it but she’s a no-show on the day of the christening. Andy comforts her afterwards. They go for a very long walk together which is very upsetting for Declan.”

Is Declan being supportive?

“Yes, very. He’s doing everything that he possibly can to make her feel better about it, but unfortunately Katie feels quite smothered by his behaviour.”

Does she want their marriage to work?

“Deep down I think she really loves Declan but she’s struggling with the situation. It’s been such a hard time for her – falling down the mineshaft, the Megan and Robbie stuff, and then the news that she can’t have kids. It’s a lot for any relationship to deal with. Katie’s blaming Declan, but it’s not his fault.”

But things weren’t right between them even before the accident…

“They weren’t. They had the row when he said he wasn’t sure how he felt about her and their marriage just seconds before she fell down the mine. This is what’s sticking in her mind – it’s not just about the accident.”

Why does Katie keep confiding in Andy?

“She gets a lot of comfort from him – he’s her ex-husband and her best friend. Declan’s upset about this because she can talk to Andy about her fears and her feelings but she can’t talk to him. She’s not opening up to Declan, which is very hurtful to him. Declan, bless him, is trying so hard…”

But she packs her bags and tells him she’s leaving the village for a while…

“It’s like she’s decided that it’s over for the two of them unless they have a break. She can’t bear to be around him and doesn’t really listen to what he’s saying. Everything he does winds her up and she’s being a nightmare wife.”

Would you like to see Katie and Andy get back together?

“That’s like the eternal question for Katie, but I don’t know. Maybe one day… It’s nice that they’ve been able to sit down and talk just as friends, though. There are no romantic feelings between them, but they really care about each other and love each other as friends. I think they’re probably stronger like this than as lovers.”


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