Interview: Is it all over for Carl and Grace?

Emmerdale’s Carl is about toget the heave from Grace, but actor Tom Lister explains that the affair is far from over….

Carl is about to get dumped by his cop lover Grace. How does he feel?

“Frustrated. He bombards her with texts and phone calls but she ignores him.”

Bet he doesn’t like that…

“No. He goes to the police station and texts that he’s outside and if she doesn’t come out, he’ll come in… so she rushes out and they arrange to meet later.”

What happens then?

“She tells Carl it’s definitely over and it was just a bit of fun. But she clearly feels more.”

Why does she dump him then?

“Her colleague catches them kissing and says her career will be finished if she doesn’t end the affair.”

What game is he playing, ever getting involved with her?

“He enjoyed the danger of flirting with the police officer who was investigating the murder he committed. Grace clearly thinks Matthew killed Tom and Carl finds that amusing. She was using Carl just as much as he used her.”

Was it just a bit of fun or was he really falling for her?

“Something has definitely developed between them. Once they slept together things got more complicated than just game playing. Feelings have crept in and Carl is devastated when she breaks off the relationship.”

If the affair’s over why does he tell his brothers about it?

“Carl doesn’t care after Grace breaks up with him. He just gets really drunk and blurts it out to his brothers. They’re horrified.”

Is there a part of him that wants to be punished for killing his dad? “Yes. Carl’s literally got away with murder. He’s still in turmoil because he loved his dad.”

Is he worried he’s said too much to Grace?

“Not really. Carl didn’t tell Grace anything that could implicate him and I think Tom’s death had been pushed to the back of their minds. But Matthew tells Jimmy to get Carl out of the country!”

Matthew goes to see Grace… What happens?

“Grace lies Carl told her Matthew killed Tom. Matthew doesn’t believe her and threatens her, telling her to keep away from his family.”

And Carl knows nothing about this?

“No. Jimmy kidnaps him and takes him abroad so he has no idea what’s happening.”

Is the affair definitely over?

“Carl wants to continue the relationship and deep down he knows Grace still feels something for him. It just depends whether she’s willing to risk her career, or Matthew’s anger, to be with him. They’re both on very dangerous ground.”

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