Is Emmerdale’s Cameron a romantic or a rat?

Emmerdales‘s Dominic Power tells Soaplife that it’s real love for Cameron… but for how long?

Does Cameron feel any remorse that he’s abandoned his wife and child?

“Leaving them was horrible, and it certainly wasn’t an easy decision for him, but he feels his future is with Debbie. He’s very much in love with her. Cameron is no love-rat. Like Debbie, he had a child when he was very young and it definitely wasn’t planned. I think this is what bonded them in the first place.”

Was he taken aback when Debbie didn’t fall into his arms?

“I don’t think he expected her to. They’re quite similar and is aware of what he would have done in the same position.”

Is he confident that Debbie will let him back into her life?

“She finally agrees to spend an evening with him and he feels that little by little she’s beginning to let that happen.”

But she’s still telling him it can’t work because she’ll always be waiting for him to return to his family. Might that happen?

“Now he’s in Emmerdale he’s staying put. He says ‘Look, I’m here. I’ve left my wife. I know that you want me, you want this. We have a history, a past. We’ve talked about this.'”

Debbie asks what’s to stop him one day cheating on her like he cheated on his wife? Is she right to worry?

“Debbie knows he’s not a womaniser. He doesn’t regard what they have as cheating. He feels he’s meant to be with Debbie. The timing was all wrong the first time around with his wife – like it was with Debbie and Andy. They both know that.”

How does he convince Debbie to give him a try?

“By taking things slowly. He suggests they give it a go and if it doesn’t work out, he’ll quietly leave.”

That seems to work when they spend the night together. But that doesn’t go down well with Debbie’s dad Cain. What does Cameron make of Cain?

“He’s not intimidated by him. If anything, the way Cain is kind of amuses him at the moment. He understands why Cain is so protective about his daughter, but when he tries to talk to Cain about this, Cain shuts him down and won’t listen.”

So he’s definitely staying in Emmerdale now?

“Totally. If he wasn’t serious, he would never have left his family in Jersey. He knows they should be together and Debbie soon admits that to him, too.”

Should she trust him though or will he break her heart?

“She can definitely trust him. This is soap so you can’t say they’ll be together for ever but if you think of soap relationships in terms of dog years, yes, they’re for keeps.”

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