Is Emmerdale’s Charity heading into an affair?

Emmerdale‘s Emma Atkins tells Soaplife that Cain is pushing Charity right into the arms of Jai…

Charity is a woman who thrives on excitement, but the excitement of loving Cain is fast wearing off. “She loves him but she’s bored,” says Emma. “She’s never been very good at normal domesticity and craves thrills – danger even. She always has.” If it’s danger she wants, cheating on Cain should do it…

Is Charity just winding up Cain by flirting with Jai or is there more to it?

“Cain’s the only man Charity’s ever truly loved but he’s being so jealous and possessive – she can’t resist taunting him with Jai. But flirting is all it is at the moment.”

But we can see that Jai would like it to be more. Could it develop into something?

“There’s definitely chemistry between them but right now it’s just business. Charity likes working with Jai. He’s a successful businessman and Charity wants to be part of that world.”

Faye doesn’t want her in that world, though, does she?

“Faye’s annoyed when Jai takes Charity to a business lunch instead of her and makes sure Cain overhears her telling Ryan that Charity will do whatever it takes to impress Jai.”

Can you reveal if Cain takes the bait?

“Oh yes, he does – and how! He takes a sledgehammer to Jai’s barn conversion causing £20k of damage. Jai confronts Cain in front of Charity and she’s furious with Cain for jeopardising her career. She’s sick of his infantile behaviour and tells him all he’s done is make Jai seem more desirable.”

Could Cain’s jealousy push her into an affair with Jai?

“Absolutely. Charity may be a Dingle but she’s always wanted to better herself. And she’s sacrificed love for money before…”

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