Emmerdale’s badboy Billy Hopwood is back and his son Daz is torn between two dads. Actor Luke Tittensor explains…

Why has Daz’s dad, Billy Hopwood, returned to Emmerdale?
“Billy wants to be near his sons, Daz and Andy. He wants to get to know them and hopes they’ll want to get to know him, too.”

What does Daz think about this?
“He’s pleased and wants to see him, but Andy and Jack make it very difficult for him. They’re unhappy about Billy being back in the village and don’t want Daz to have contact with his dad. So Daz tells Billy he doesn’t want to see him because he doesn’t want to upset Andy and Jack who, of course, is planning to adopt Daz like he adopted Andy.”

Does Daz love Billy in spite of everything?
“I don’t know if love’s the right word and Daz is wary at first, but certainly there’s a strong bond between them.”

So does Daz go against Jack and Andy’s wishes?
“Yes. He appreciates Jack’s care and kindness, but Billy’s his dad. So he decides to meet Billy in secret, but lets Jack and Andy think that he’s not interested.”

How does Jack react when he finds out Daz has been seeing Billy?
“He’s really disappointed and also a bit scared because he doesn’t want to lose Daz to Billy. Jack doesn’t like Billy, but Daz isn’t his real son so he can’t stop him from seeing his dad.”

Does it bother Daz that everyone in Emmerdale hates Billy because he killed Vic Windsor?
“Quite a few people have a go at Billy, including Vic’s daughter Kelly and Jimmy King. Daz acts like he doesn’t care, but it hurts him inside that people are insulting his dad. However Daz’s genuinely not bothered about the newspaper articles that appear about Billy as he’s seen it all before.”

Would Daz like Jimmy to stay around?
“I think he would. The more people go against Billy, the more likely Daz is to side with his dad. He doesn’t think Billy’s as bad as everyone makes out. Billy makes it clear that he just wants to get to know his son. He seems very genuine and doesn’t appear to have any hidden agenda.”

Would Daz sacrifice his relationships with Jack and Andy to have one with his dad?
“That’s a difficult question. At the moment, Daz is torn between Billy and the Sugdens. I don’t know what he’d do if he had to make a choice. But I don’t think it would come to that. Jack and Andy would never put him in that position.”

If Billy stays around, is there a chance that Daz will go bad?
“I’d like to think not, but you never know what might happen!”