Is Grace committing a crime of passion?

Emmerdale’s Grace Barraclough wants to catch a killer – but actress Glynis Barber says that falling in love was never part of the plan!
Grace’s affair with Carl has gone way beyond a game. Why did she ever get involved with him?

“It started as a honey trap. It was a completely calculated move to get close to Carl so that he’d open up and reveal the identity of Tom King’s murderer.”

Who does she think the murderer is?

“Matthew. She doesn’t suspect Carl.”

Didn’t she fancy Carl just a teeny bit when she came on to him?

“If she did, I don’t think she was aware of it! The feelings she started to have for Carl took her by surprise.”

Who fell for who first?

“I think it happened for both at the same time. There was Grace using her sexual charms to try and get information out of Carl while Carl was getting a kick out of bedding a top police officer. Then wham! Suddenly they realised they’d fallen for each other.”

How much does Grace like Carl now?

“A lot… an awful lot. She may not admit it but deep down I’m sure she’s falling in love with him. And it’s a new experience for her.”

Her bosses and Matthew have told her to end the affair. Why hasn’t she?

“She doesn’t want to! She’s tried but she just can’t stay away from Carl. He’s become a big part of her life.”

Does Matthew scare her?

“She’s always seen him as a dangerous man – she thinks he’s a murderer after all! But it wasn’t until he threatened her that she realised she’s frightened of him and what he might do. But she’s not so scared that she’ll finish with Carl…”

Does Grace think she’s in control of the relationship?

“She’d never admit it… but maybe she’s not. I don’t think either of them have that much control as their feelings have taken over…”

Does Grace think Carl loves her?

“She knows his feelings for her are pretty strong. She’s confused when one minute he’s bringing her flowers, the next he’s too busy to talk but when she tells him to make a decision about their relationship he wants to carry on.”

What would she do if she found out now it was Carl who killed Tom?

“Before she fell for him she would have had him arrested – no question about that. But now I don’t think she’d be able to.”

So, she’d choose Carl over her career?

“It wouldn’t be as simple as that. While she might not be able to turn him in, I don’t know if she’d be able to live with herself – or with Carl – if she knew he was a killer.”

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